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Feshie Videos

Don't expect the names to be changed to protect the innocent ~ we are all equally guilty of enjoying ourselves!

In 2016 (the club's 50th anniversary year) Nick Norman flew with Euan McIlwraith, one of the presenters in the BBC "Landward" programme.  An extract is available here.

By Pavel Satny featuring Alister, Deirdre, Jean and Ray

A visit to Feshie by Edinburgh University

Showing Ray Hill flying the Ventus U9 (film by Bernhard)

Blast from the past ~ Feshie airfield as it was in 1988, featuring a visiting group from Rattlesden.  The present hangar and clubhouse building didn't exist then.

It's possible that some of Andy's passengers enjoy themselves too much..... 

(video by Gillian Caine)

An 'atmospheric' little film by Gijs Douglas (2016)

Unusual drone footage of the airfield.

The following were trawled at random from YouTube:

click (slide show by a happy customer)

click (thermic day)

click (nice aerotow into a wave gap)

click (para-gliding at Feshie ~ switch off the awful wind noises and play your own music)

click (another sunny thermal flight)

click (by Moritz, wave soaring at 4000ft)

click (by Thomas Eccles, hill soaring with headcam)

An extract from "The Nature of Britain" with Alan Titchmarsh, first broadcast by the BBC around 2007. 

The "Glide Britain" team made this video at the club during our Inter Club League weekend in April 2018.

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