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Trial Lessons

Learning to fly over the spectacular Cairngorm Mountains is a fun and challenging sport which can be enjoyed by all age groups.  All UK clubs are members of the British Gliding Association (the BGA).  Cairngorm is one of the smaller clubs but has the most spectacular scenery to fly over, in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

Trial flights are available   mainly at weekends   and sometimes during the week, in our 2-seater dual-control gliders. Your qualified instructor will fly you over the Cairngorm Mountains and demonstrate how to fly the glider. You will be invited to take the controls yourself and try out your flying skills.   A Trial Lesson costs £85 and includes temporary membership for a period of one month during which time you can fly at club member's rates.  To fly in a glider, you should be in reasonable health, should be more than 4ft 6in tall (so that you can see out over the cockpit edge!) and should weigh less than 16 stones.

On arrival at our airstrip at Feshiebridge a club member will assist you with the formalities, give an introductory brief about your trial lesson and show you around your dual control glider.  Safety always comes first and your flight will be carried out with a qualified gliding instructor. You are then towed behind a 180hp Robin light aircraft to a height of 2000ft at which point your instructor will release the tow rope leaving your glider free to soar over the spectacular scenery of the Cairngorm mountain range and Spey Valley.

You will then be invited to try the controls for yourself. Your trial lesson will last for approximately 20 to 30 minutes during which time you can take photographs and enjoy the unique experience of soaring as free as a bird after which your instructor will take you back for a smooth landing at Feshiebridge airstrip.

 TRIAL LESSONS CANNOT BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE!   We never take bookings for specific dates or times due to the uncertainties of the Scottish weather.  It is best, in the first instance, to phone the club (01540 651317) at about 10am on the proposed day of flying, or the launch point on 07847 214551 to find out about weather conditions and club activity. However if you are in the area, feel free to just call in at the club.

 NEWS UPDATE 10/5/24:  the latest batch of Trial Lesson vouchers is now sold out.  Until we release another batch, you will need to turn up at the airfield to enquire about lessons.

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