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Prices for 2024 (with effect from 16th June)

When you join the club an account is set up in your name.  We expect you to keep this account in credit.  Some members have a standing order paying straight into the club's account (ask the Treasurer about this) while others prefer to pay as they go.  At the clubhouse, cheques and money should be put in one of the brown envelopes provided, with the details of the payment clearly written on the outside.

Membership fees

Annual - Full Flying

Annual - Family

Annual- Youth Membership

under 18, or 18-25 in full-time education and resident within practicable distance of the club, not a member of another gliding club

Annual - Reciprocal

member of another BGA club

Annual - Reciprocal

member of another SGA (Scottish) club


one day flying & one month associate membership for full members of another BGA club

Annual - Associate

available to retired members, occasional flights

£259 (includes £39 capitation fee) plus £10 joining fee

£289 (includes £39 capitation fee) plus £10 joining fee and a further capitation fee per flying family member

£35, to include an aerotow trial lesson.
25% discount on aerowtow fees.
30p per minute two seater aircraft hire.
£4 winch launch, when available.
Annual Renewal: £20.  Capitation fee payable for ages 21-25.





New full members joining after 1st January pay the full fee which lasts until 31st December.  A concession based on the months 'owed' less 2 is given in the second year.  Members joining in November/December pay the full annual fee, which also covers for the following year.  Capitation fees are not payable by members under 21 years of age.

Trial Lesson fees

(the fee includes temporary membership) 

Aerotow launch - up to 20 minutes

Winch launches (when available)

up to 20 minutes

up to 10 minutes




Club launching fees  

Aerotow to 2000 ft

Aerotow - each additional 200 ft


£1.75 up to 4000 ft
£2.25 from 4000 ft to 5000 ft
£2.75 from 5000 ft to 6000 ft  

Winch launch - before 11am

Winch launch - after 11am (non-soaring)

Winch launch - after 11am (soaring)

Self launch fee



Aerotow to 1000 ft

Aerotow to 1500 ft

£19 (only available for dual training)

£25 (only available for dual training)

Landing fees 

Landing fee for visiting powered aircraft

£20 per day (an overnight stay incurs a further charge for the new day)

Club glider flying fees 

Two-seaters per minute, first hour

Two-seaters per minute, 2nd & 3rd hrs

Two-seaters per minute, after 3rd hr

Astir single seater

45p/min (£27/hr)

40p/min (£24/hr)

Free (approved flights only)

40p/min first hr, 35p/min second hr, free thereafter (approved flights only)

Trailer parking


£110 per year in advance (no discount for temporary absences).  Trailers whose gliders are hangared are exempt if they are not kept in the main parking area.  



Hangar fees (subject to space available)

Main hangar and both T hangars

£6/night, £28/week, £67/month, £400/year 


 Full flying members

Everyone else


£25 per cylinder

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