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Airfield etiquette

  1. There is a large photo-map showing the airfield layout on a wall in the hangar. Please rig and park well away from the runway. A large glider's wing will overhang the runway edge / track.

  2. Due to restricted space, for safety reasons we do not allow 1-man tow outs whilst the airfield is active (first launch - last landing). You must have a wingtip holder and maintain a good lookout. If towing along the runway axis, you must drive on the grass to the East of the r/w. This allows you to quickly move the glider to the track on the hill side to avoid impeding launching/landing.

  3. Do not accept the rope until ready to launch. The wingtip holder should then check "all clear above and behind" and if safe to do so will level the wings. This signals "up slack" to the tug. There is no need for radio calls at this stage, if your wings are level the tug will launch you.

  4. The landing area is very restricted, therefore a downwind call must be made on 118.685 to Feshie Base. You may be asked to land long or short. On landing and just before coming to rest, roll off to the hill side of the runway. You should immediately pull your glider to the track on the hill side to give maximum clearance for launching/landing aircraft and await your retrieve crew.

  5. Please do not drive any vehicles on or across the runway. The soil is very poor and if the grass is damaged it takes a long time to recover. If you are going to retrieve a landed glider, you must use the East track (on the hill side). Whilst towing back maintain a good lookout and be prepared to pull off to the hill side track to allow launching/landing. You will have to move the glider across the runway by hand to reach your trailer. It is OK to drive carefully on grass that does not form part of the runway.

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