COVID-19 UPDATE (22nd July)

Dual flying re-started on Saturday 18th July.  The health advice around travel to the airfield (and for whilst on the airfield) plus the CAA/DfT advice for within the cockpit are now aligned. This was the result of a meeting between the BGA, CAA and DfT which took place on 16th July.


Priorities will be allocated as (1) Early solo pilots and others who need check flights, and (2) training flights.  At present we will not be offering Trial Lessons to the general public, which includes redeeming Trial Lesson vouchers.  Until further notice all solo flights must be discussed in advance with an instructor.

Remember that the Duty Rota remains suspended, and the availability of instructors and tug pilots is NOT GUARANTEED.  Also there are no duty pilots, so it is everyone's responsibility to ensure that accurate log records are kept, and that names of all members present are recorded on the log sheets even if they do not fly, for the purpose of possible contact tracing later.

Please contact the Secretary for further information



Since 9th June 2019 we have been operating on 118.685mhz within 10 nautical miles (16km) and up to 3000ft from the airfield.  The 130.105 frequency is to be used beyond those limits for cross country flying, competition flying and situational awareness.

Comments to MIKE MORRISON, Chief Flying Instructor

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