Fest Dates for 2020 and 2021

Mayfest 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, but Octoberfest 2020 will happen as far as we know.   The dates would normally have been from Saturday 26th September to Sunday 4th October but a second week has been proposed to Sunday 11th October if there is sufficient interest.  

At the time of writing (late July) it seems likely that two-seater flying will be possible soon, enabling check flights and maybe basic training flights too.  However, we should remind all members and visitors that the duty rota for 2020 is currently suspended.  All attendance at the airfield is voluntary including instructors and tug pilots.

Likewise there seems some doubt as to the availability of catering volunteers during Octoberfest, and the club may find it difficult to adhere to the appropriate regulations.  So at present it isn't possible to predict what arrangements will be made (if any) for evening meals.

But much of the traditional "Fest" atmosphere at Feshie is generated by you, our lovely visitors.  Regardless of what the doom merchants are peddling by the time we get to October, the weather will be the same, the mountains will be the same, and while you are up there flying you can forget the virus and just enjoy the Feshie experience, which will be at least as good as it always was, if not better.

We'll update this notice with further information as and when available, but meanwhile you can encourage us by making a booking or even just declaring a casual interest, in Octoberfest.  And it's never too soon to start thinking about booking for Mayfest 2021 (1st to 16th May).  We want to be able to say once again "Welcome to Feshie!"

Latest news:  Octoberfest bookings received from Peter Hadfield, Les Blows, John Thomas, Tony Walker and "Strzebs"

Photo by Jordan Thomson

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