Feshie WebCam
Yvonne Stott has sent us an illustrated account of her flight to Skye with Nick during Octoberfest 2016.  Reprinted with  permission from Bowland Forest GC newsletter.

FESTS in 2020
Mayfest  is effectively cancelled due to the Corona Virus restrictions.
Octoberfest will run for 9 days from 26th Sept. to 4th October 2020.  Contact the Secretary to make your booking. 
Paul has also sent us this account of his wave climb to 26,000ft in 2014.  Read about it here.
The YS53 "Beast" has new playmates at the Lasham Heritage Centre.  Story by Paul Myers. 

Check out this video from the Glide Britain team, made during the Inter Club League weekend in April 2018

Big wings at Feshie

In 2015 Moritz Korn and Maria Schneider trailed a Duo Discus all the way from Ohlstadt in Germany to fly on our ridge.  Read their story here.
Read Mike's account of his flight from Feshie to Ben Nevis Mike Morrison
Feshie blue wave
Read Phil Hawkins' article about the Feshie blue wave here.
Alister's 300km Gold
Our web site has logged over 40,000 hits in the past three years, and a new site is currently under development by Jordan Thomson and Phil Hawkins.  Watch for the new release later in 2020!



(2nd June)

Following the Phase 1 exit strategy from the Scottish government, Club operations resumed on 29th May.  At present this consists mainly of flights by solo pilots.  We are not permitted to offer trial lessons, or even to carry out training flights for our own members, since dual flying with persons not living in the same household is banned.  The airfield is closed to the public at this time. 
Please contact the Secretary for further information.

 This video made by the Glide Britain team in April 2018:

This is an extract from "The Nature of Britain" by Alan Titchmarsh:


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