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Club Flying week Sept 2021            

Tuesday 7th was a difficult day with very weak ridge lift and scattered weak thermals later, but Tony Cresswell managed his first 5 hour flight, in Cirrus "JOE."  Instructor Paul Myers is congratulating him in this photo by Nick Norman. 

In other news later this week, Alan Mossman became the latest former instructor to regain his rating after an assessment by Kate Byrne, and Miles Davis has passed his GFT flights to complete his Bronze badge.

Stop press 14th Sept:  Tony is looking for volunteer chefs to provide evening meals in the clubhouse during Octoberfest.


Weekend Report for 4/5 Sept            by Lee Mitchell and John Smyth

On Saturday a light southerly wind failed to dampen enthusiasm. First flight 10.15 with Nick giving Henry a check flight. There were several other dual flights and it was nice to see Gaby and John Anderson flying solo.  John managed just short of the hour mark which was commendable on a weak day.

After being generously rewarded for tugging at Portmoak with meals like a side of lightly smoked salmon garnished with samphire and washed down with 2015 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, we knew that Roger might have difficulty readjusting to tugging at Feshie. Negotiations finally broke down when all we could offer Roger was a pickled egg from behind the bar. Understandably, he decided to fly U9 instead. Ray also flew U9 for over an hour.  GCD, JET and the DG-200 also flew.  Andy flew four air experience flights and also had a flight with Yvonne in ETA.  Later in the day Ian and Tracy Ashton arrived from Chipping, hopefully they will have a good week at Feshie.

There were 21 launches in total and around 11:15 flying time. The final flight touched down at 6pm. There was plenty of enthusiasm for cleaning the gliders after flying, which worked well.  Thanks to Nick for instructing, ALF for visitor flying, Ian, Bob and Stewart for tugging and everyone on the ground for helping out.

On Sunday there was a good turnout with around 20 members. First launch with Mike Morrison and Alister Morrison at 11am, for over an hour. Next Nick visited Braemar to check that the Aboyne mountain soaring competition had not yet managed to get off the ground.  Twelve flights in all for 15 hrs.  Visiting pilots Ian and Tracy Ashton made 2.02 hrs but were beaten by Paul myers at 2.44 as best today.  Toys put to bed at 4pm after washing as rain stopped play.  Looking  forward to another excellent flying week

28th August 2021            by Stephen Struthers

A long awaited picture, Ray Hill congratulates a slightly stunned Gabby on his first solo flight today in PK.  Congratulations young man ~ now for Whisky Romeo!

Fifteen flights today with the longest just over 50 minutes. Good club turnout despite poor soaring conditions.  Midges were horrendous until the temperature increased in late morning.  Thanks to Paul and Ray for instructing, Alasdair and Roger for tugging.

Also massive congratulations to Alison Myers on becoming the latest Feshie instructor, a very welcome addition to the ranks.


Octoberfest 2021                 from the Secretary's desk (21/6/2021)

It looks increasingly likely that Octoberfest will become a two-week event this year.  A number of our visitors have expressed interest in a second week, including Steve Hopkins, Adrian Loening, Martin Cooper, James Hiley, David Rhys-Jones, Ian Skinner, Peter Hadfield and Henry/Yvonne Stott.  Several tug pilots have stated they are likely to be available for at least some days, and other club members known to be interested include Bill Anderson, Dave Brown, Tony Cresswell and Howard Thompson (not to mention yours truly).


As with Mayfest the event will be largely informal and will not operate to a fixed duty rota.  Apart from tugging we will be relying on volunteers each day to cover other essential duties such as log keeping, vehicle re-fuelling, daily inspections etc.  Please help to maintain the club's reputation and safety record.


Depending on prevailing conditions the Duty Rota may return in 2022, but until we have more instructors the situation is likely to be less predictable than in previous years.