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Weekend Report                 by Nick (30/5/2021)

On Saturday we had 16 flights totalling over 17 hours. A notable event was Jordan’s first flight in Cirrus 761, which he is purchasing from Jan.  No critical comments regarding the takeoff or landing!  Gaby had a good flight and kindly bought a round for the old lags hanging out in the Suidhe.  Tows provided by Stewart and Alasdair.  Also notable was that it suddenly seemed to not be winter anymore...


Sunday saw an early start by Steve Struthers, Bill Anderson, Stewart Hills and myself. First launch at 09:35 which must be a 21st century record!  It was quite a good day with 5000ft cloudbase in the afternoon, total 17 flights, duration 16 hours [my best was 6,700ft ~ editor].  

Did someone mention Silver Distance?  Well on Saturday John Anderson and I flew out to near Easterton [in the ASH], in the hope of luring Stewart into following, but no such luck.  A replay of the FLARM traces showed Stewart’s elastic pinging him back to the airfield whilst we just flew 50km away and then returned.  Hmm, some peer pressure / incentive by embarrassment required!

It seemed to work, because on Sunday Stewart made another Silver attempt and the FLARM trace showed a much more determined effort to cut the elastic and fly purposefully away from the airfield.  A marked difference.  He took an hour and 10 minutes to fly over 50km away down the Spey, before returning to Feshie in time for lunch.  Well done Stewart, and Silver height too!  Jordan next, methinks!

New features on the web site         23/5/2021

  1. The Fleet page (Facilities/Fleet) has now been initiated using stock photos of the Robin tug mostly supplied by Stewart.  More photos will be added in due course.

New features on the web site         22/5/2021

  1. The Noticeboard page (Members/Noticeboard) has been updated with latest COVID related information.

  2. The News page (button on home page or via Members/News).  Your weekend email reports may appear here, with suitable editing if necessary.

  3. The Documents page (Members/Documents).  The first document available is a download from the Club computer showing members' account balances.  Will be updated at irregular intervals whenever Andy does the download.  TIP: on a PC keyboard the easiest way to find your name on the list is to hit Ctrl+F and enter your surname as a search.  Are there equivalent actions on a smart phone or a Macbook?  Answers on a postcard please...... 

  4. At present only the Noticeboard and News pages under the Members menu are visible to the public.  Other options on that menu are only visible to registered users of the web site.