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Sunday 24th October       by Gaby Telerman

There was no actual duty pilot but I had my brand spanking new hi-vis vest in the car and I thought I may as well get my money's worth.


I arrived unannounced and uncharacteristically early, on account of Alison kicking me out of bed and ordering me to 'swallow coffee, get dressed, get your arse in the car, head to Feshie and say hello to your friends, don't worry, nobody will expect you to fly solo on a day like today'.  And how right she was.

Attendance in order of appearance (well ok, the only order I'm vaguely aware of is the one after I arrived)

Mike Morrison

Stewart Hills

John Smyth

Ian Carruthers

Craig Chatburn

Gaby (me)

Pete 'The Jet'

Ray Iddon

Howard Thompson (with a 'P')

After some deliberation about the dubious conditions on the ground the consensus was that there was no valid reason not to fly and at 11.19 Mike seduced me into having a go, and other than a little work on tow and a clearly 'beyond my skill level' approach, the 47 minutes in the middle were very enjoyable, with heaps of lift and wave like conditions all over the place.  We had a brief game of 'dodge the cloud' and it was nice to point the nose into wind, slow right down to 45 and stay there in the lift while going nowhere.  We could have had a cup of tea, sponge cake and a Cuban cigar up there for a while.  Coming back was nowhere near as civilised, and my selective memory will now censor that part, as to not unduly bruise my already sensitive ego.

Next up were John and Craig. Craig must have had a hard time dislodging John from his mission of making JWR's trailer as presentable as an old neglected trailer could be, but once in the air they managed 1hr 4min. However 'managed' is not the right way to put it, as they only came back on account of PK being needed for another training flight.

Meanwhile Pete did his usual hangar Jenga / Tetris to squeeze his Shark past the Cirrus and the Puch, clicked his wingtips into place and buggered off for his 'not quite 2 hour' flight. He could have been up for longer; much longer, but apparently his bladder relief arrangement was not organised for the long haul, so air brakes were hastily applied in preference to a cockpit steam clean.

Last, but not least, was Howard, who took PK up for a whole hour of bouncy castle play time with Mike.

Total flight time 4hr 43min.

All towing done by Stewart

All training done by Mike

All trailer renovations done by John

Most log keeping and retrieves done by Ray and Ian

I just looked officious in my brand spanking hi-vis vest.

Saturday 16th October       by John Whyte

Despite an uninspiring grey and calm morning, it turned into a very enjoyable day with hints of Autumn warmth in the afternoon.  Present  - Dave Weekes to fettle Sinclair’s glider and trailer, Paul and Rory Maddocks, Alan Mossman, Ian Carruthers, Roger Fothergill and the two Rays. Lee was also spotted on the maintenance trail.

First off the chocks Alan Mossman with a Rory check at 10.37 ~ Rory then disappeared in the K6 for a commendable, almost flat calm, 58 minutes.  Roger likewise whistled off somewhere for 1hr 37min but returned early with electrical issues.  New member Dave Beeken then flew followed by his dad, also Dave.

A welcome invasion of the Longstaff family was next, with two of Bill’s teenage granddaughters apparently enthused by flights in PK. More young blood potential!  Not to be outdone, Bill’s son in law also had a trial lesson.  A visiting Jodel from Dingwall arrived in mid afternoon.

To finish the day, Alan Mossman, Dave Weekes, Rory and Paul Maddocks benefitted from a tame winch driver and rather smoky  3 Winch launches. All tidied away by 18.00.

Saturday 18th September       by Stewart Hills


Huge congratulations to pilot Ray Iddon re-soloing after many many many years of not flying. Ray can be seen on the right being congratulated by Instructor Paul Myers.

Photo by Stephen Struthers 

Club Flying week Sept 2021

from the Secretary's desk

Tuesday 7th was a difficult day with very weak ridge lift and scattered weak thermals later, but Tony Cresswell managed his first 5 hour flight, in Cirrus "JOE."  Instructor Paul Myers is congratulating him in this photo by Nick Norman. 

In other news later this week, Alan Mossman became the latest former instructor to regain his rating after an assessment by Kate Byrne, and Miles Davis has passed his GFT flights to complete his Bronze badge.


28th August 2021            by Stephen Struthers


A long awaited picture, Ray Hill congratulates a slightly stunned Gabby on his first solo flight today in PK.  Congratulations young man ~ now for Whisky Romeo!

Fifteen flights today with the longest just over 50 minutes. Good club turnout despite poor soaring conditions.  Midges were horrendous until the temperature increased in late morning.  Thanks to Paul and Ray for instructing, Alasdair and Roger for tugging.

Also massive congratulations to Alison Myers on becoming the latest Feshie instructor, a very welcome addition to the ranks.