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2023 Schedule

The new Duty Rota begins from the first weekend in March.  To display it, use button at left (shortcut button on home page also).

All members please continue to use the Flying Calendar page to keep others informed of your intentions.

The Inter Club League in 2023 will be held at Feshie and Aboyne.  We need pilots, crew and cheerleaders to take part!    Contact team leader Mike Morrison.     

February / March                            The long-awaited Robin engine is due to be delivered ~ watch this space!! 

April 3 - 7                                        Club flying week                                

April 22 - 23                                    Inter Club League at Feshie

April 29 - May 14                        MAYFEST

June 12 - 16                               Club flying week

June 17 - 18                               Inter Club League at Aboyne

September 4 - 8                         Club flying week


September 30 - October 15        OCTOBERFEST

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